APEX A LA Carte Services*

  • Online portal for fundraising via Reg A, A+, CF, D, S
  • Investor online system for them to fill documents, sign, pay, and submit KYC checks
  • Investor Payments gateway via credit card, ACH, and digital wire transfers
  • Investor Relations portal to notify shareholders on news, updates, announcements
  • Outreach system to secure and serve investors with offer memos, decks, factsheet
  • Analytics with a scoring algorithm on investor transactions and actions
  • DealMaker Securities - the issuer’s broker-dealer in the market
  • SEC-licensed Transfer Agent to manage shareholder records and shareholdings
*Pricing on application

Fundraising & Public Listing Advisory Solution*

Issuers may engage Apex appointed corporate finance advisory partners to turnkey your raise with a complete suite of solution comprising of:
  • Financial forecast and audit preparations
  • Valuation modelling and finalisation of valuation report
  • Draft Offer Memo with business modelling strategy development
  • Fundraising strategy and structure
  • Restructuring for fundraising and uplisting on major stock exchanges
  • Get legal team to file the relevant SEC legal filings and updates
  • Coordinate all the above 8 services provided by Apex
  • Sponsorship and zero-outlay financial support scheme
*Pricing on application

How Much You Like To Raise

*Pricing on application

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