Apex Partnership Contract “APC”

ApexCapital.Asia is keen to collaborate and work with firms that have strategic business interests in the Americas and Indo-Pacific regions in ventures like AI-Generative, Agriculture, Blockchain & Fintech, Carbon Credits, Cloud-Solutions, Data Deployment, ESG Initiatives, Environment Sustainability, Food Services & Supplies, Green Energies, Healthcare and Hospitality.

Partners will continue to do what they do best and ApexCapital.Asia will bring forth their competencies to the partnership resulting in the partner’s business getting the funds that are needed to grow and expand PLUS increasing the venture’s market capitalization and partners’ personal wealth.

In the Apex Partnership Contract, the business owners are responsible for:


ApexCapital.Asia is responsible for:

The goal of this collaboration is to get the funds needed by the venture to grow and expand and to increase its valuation - resulting in an increase in the partners’ personal wealth.

Pain Points

Many promising ventures with huge market potential lack the funds needed to fulfill sales orders and to seize more market share. With the VC and PE winter, many firms face the cold spell and only very few well-connected firms can secure their funding albeit at a much lower valuation.

ApexCapital.Asia wants to cut through the traditional VC and PE to allow individuals to invest directly with the firm, for as little as $500 per pop, by deploying Regulations A, CF or D. This new wave of direct investments - online - gained dramatic traction during the pandemic period and thanks to the US Jobs Act (2016) that allowed firms to raise up to US $75 million without the costly and complicated traditional IPO. For the first 6 months of 2022, almost US $30 billion were raised via this new way compared with $9 billion raised via traditional IPO.

Failed Attempts

Many business owners tried their hands to raise money using this new way but unfortunately many did not get through as they could not even persuade the listing portals to list them. Many do not know how, could not and did not prepare themselves adequately - costly failed attempts.

ApexCapital.Asia team members have an average of 30+ years of corporate finance, IPO and public-company experience and expertise. They have the network and method to get the firm's basic documents like Offer Memo, Financial Forecast, Valuation and Listing & Fundraising Strategy done for the listing application on the private equity exchanges (PEX) and the US bourses like Nasdaq, NYSE and TSX.

Funding Expertise

Business founders, especially younger ones, are not versed with the capital and debt markets and need an experienced team to take over such an important task of funding their ventures. Founders should stay focused on making their products and services well to secure market share and profitability. Many who are not careful that they burn both sides of the candle resulting in inadequate funding for the venture and overdrawing on loans with huge personal liabilities.

As partners, ApexCapital.Asia can help devise a fundraising and listing strategy to secure more and bigger sums of funding while increasing the firm’s valuation and market capitalisation - resulting in an increase of the partners’ personal wealth that can be monetized or collateralized for the family.


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your success. Our team provides a


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your success. Our team provides a consultative approach on emerging


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your success. Our team provides a consultative

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Americas & Indo-Pacific Markets

Many entrepreneurs who are currently not based in the US are wondering if they can tap into the US market to raise money using Reg A, CF and D methods. The short answer is no.

Holding companies can be headquartered in the USA and have subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe and Indo-Pacific to address the fastest-growing economies there. If you look at the success of Nvidia, Shein, Shopify, Zoom and you will notice they raised huge sums of money in the US and now have offices, factories, operations and c-suite officers in the USA.

ApexCapital.Asia operates in the United States and has operating units in Indo-Pacific and can help partners to incorporate their US-based holding companies, open bank accounts and to secure in the USA and Indo-Pacific operating offices, factories, incubation centers, supply chain parties, clients and prospects, directors and officers.

As firms who have not reached the IPO stage, they have big concerns regarding hefty cash outflows related to the retainer payments of professionals like sponsors, investment banks, lawyers, valuers, auditors, financial advisors and investor-relation specialists.

ApexCapital.Asia is mindful of the dilemma of having to fork out cash to get more cash. It is a risk that many founders would not want to take. As partner, ApexCapital.Asia will take care of this heavy load by devising an incremental fundraising strategy, over the quarters, to raise the needed funds for the venture and to reimburse the professional expenses from the funds raised.

How would a founder know if his venture is attractive enough for ApexCapital.Asia?

Investment Criteria

ApexCapital.Asia partnership criteria is simply what investors would look for in a venture:

And of course - the core competency of the team with the track record of making money!

Raise Up To US $75m

To raise up to $75 million on Reg A+, submit application to:

State the amount needed and how they will be used to up the venture’s profits and marketcap.

Is the money raised a debt or loan that needed to be repaid and if so, what is the interest rate?

Funds Raised Convert To Shares

ApexCapital.Asia will structure the deal in such a way that the firm need not repay and pay no interests for the loan. All funds raised will be converted into shares when the firm goes public. The firm will issue a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equities) to each investor. There is no maturity repayment date, no interests, no collaterals - just simply a loan conversion to shares. It is imperative that the firm has a clear, prepared and structured plan for a public-listing so that the investors can enjoy capital gain on their investments while saving the firm cash flowing out. In this collaboration, ApexCapital.Asia is responsible and mandated to IPO the firm.

The team will revert within 3 days.

If you like to become ApexCapital.Asia Rep, Introducer, Coach or Entrepreneur, contact: Tiffany@ApexCapital.Asia or Ph: +65 8201 3199