Abigail Zhang

Abigail Zhang is the founder and executive director of APEX Digital Pte Ltd, an exempt corporate finance advisory firm registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. She is also a major shareholder of various financial services companies in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is the director of Marvel Earn Ltd since August 2008 that invested in many companies and exited via public-listings arranged by her team. She has hands-on experience in the bio-tech, energy, mining, property and service industries including working partnerships with investment banks, auditors, lawyers, valuers and other professionals to prepare companies for IPO, RTO, JV, M+A. Her experience covers sales supervision, training and development and has been in franchising of pharmaceutical business. She has been an investment executive responsible to help analyse, audit and arrange investments and public-listing deals. She personally has invested and listed an energy mining business in Australia. She acquired an ASX listed-company and spin-off of its mining assets and transformed her into a diversified financial services firm. She also co-founded a financial advisory firm and was listed on the North American stock exchanges. She has interest in private banking services specialising in digital assets and global payment systems.


Angela Ye

Angela Ye is the director of APEX Digital Pte Ltd responsible for the corporate finance advisory and on-line private equity platform business serving the ASEAN market. She has more than 23 years of financial management experience with 15 years of hands-on CFO responsibility serving one of Indonesia’s largest conglomerates. Angela is versed with Asian cross-border financing of investments and projects. She provides guidance and advisory in financial strategy, budgeting, risk management, credit control and fundraising. Her recent assignments advised several Asian companies to list on Nasdaq and NYSE. She is versed with the North American listing methods and professional preparations which adds significant value to the clients who are not apt with American communications and culture. Her key research now is in corporate finance and governance of emerging Asian companies.


Chng Hee Kok

Chng Hee Kok has helmed numerous public companies that are listed on the Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong stock exchanges. He has led companies in chemical, paper making, metal fabrication, hospitality and property development, bottled drinks, shipping, commercial buildings and entertainment complexes. Although he has been a Member of Parliament in Singapore for 17 years, he is well versed with the capital markets, corporate finance and governance of public listed companies. He has served on government statutory boards such as Sentosa Development Corporation and Public Utilities Board. He is a fellow member and was a Director of Singapore Institute of Directors. His current interest is in green mobility energy ventures and the global talent and technology transformer programs.


Raphael Tham

Raphael Tham is the director of Augrains Capital that invests in agriculture ventures ranging from the farm-to-family/food outlets spectrum. He has more than 20 years of investment, business and public-listing experience in Australia, England, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore. He has hands-on experience in mergers and acquisitions, fund management advisory, consultation on corporate finance and governance of public-listed companies. He has groomed many SMEs when he was at the Singapore Economic Development Board. His focus now is in the restructuring and development of public-listed companies.


Kit Chan

Kit Chan has more than 18 years experience in all facets of corporate finance, accounting and audit, corporate governance and restructuring of public-listed companies listed in North America, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has successfully handled full-cycle reverse take-overs, privatisation, public listings, joint ventures, acquisitions and collaborations. He has a keen eye on global taxation issues, new auditing criteria and cross border issues. Kit also serves as independent director of public-listed companies in North America, Hong Kong and Singapore. He provides overall financial control, oversights and governance advice. He is a Chartered Company Secretary/ Chartered Governance Professional, member of Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute and Chartered Governance Institute and has a Master Degree in Corporate Governance. His research now is online private equity fundraising.


Dr Marcuz S Tan

20+ years of success developing and growing market share of international TMT businesses across Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, USA, and Europe

An excellent International Business Builder with over 25 years of extensive experience in the TMT (Telecoms, Media and Technology) industry.

He had successfully helped several international companies (such as Travelocity, Nokia, Blackberry, Smaato, PubMatic ) strategize their international growth plans and built their international footprints across Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, USA and in Europe especially in Germany and Russia.

He has excellent business and commercial acumen with an outstanding record in achieving or out-performing revenue targets and notable successes in Sales, Business Development and Marketing with proven ability to manage and work with large, cross-functional and multicultural teams in the delivery of multiple concurrent projects

He was also involved in significant fund raising at various different stages plus developing their M&A and IPO strategy too.

A persuasive communicator with excellent presentation skills and ability to build high-performance teams that have served as a growth catalyst and infuse productive energy into the working environment with an excellent ability in engaging clients, corporate partners, internal and external stakeholders at all levels to bring business growth and achieve organizational KPIs.

Favourite Quote: “To the young and to the not so old, I say, look at that horizon, follow that rainbow, go ride it” -Lee Kuan Yew


Charlie In

Charlie In is the founder of Raffles Financial Group and Victoria Financial Group that provide diversified financial services to companies in Australia, America and Asia. He has more than 40 years of business experience and spent the last 20 years providing investment and private banking advisory services in Asia. He has invested and listed many PRC companies in Australia, America, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges. Charlie was advisor to AIG, AIA, AXA, BASF, Citibank, DBS, Hilton, IBM, Microsoft, Volvo. He was Chairman of several public-listed companies. He was the Chairman of Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, advisor to Asia Pacific Management Institute and the People's Association of Singapore. He was an adjunct faculty member of Singapore Institute of Management, University of South Australia, China’s JiaoTong, RenMin, Beijing and Tsinghua universities. Charlie won the 2010 Big Ben Golden Mulberry Award as the Most Respected Financial Writer for his "Family Financial Freedom" book published by Tsinghua University Press. His “The A to Z of Achieving Abundance For Financial Freedom” book hit the China top selling chart in 2017. His current research is in funding via digital asset listing.


Dennis O’Neill

Dennis O'Neill is a three-decade experienced investment banker, currently serving as the CEO of O'Neill Capital Advisors. He has started two of the largest regional investment banks and was Managing Director for Softbank/E2Capital in Chicago. He has successfully raised over $2 billion in capital for early-stage companies.

Dennis excelled in sales, marketing, financial media, journalism, business development, and institutional capital raises. He has vast experience, expertise and exposure to venture capital, private equity, biotech, cannabis therapeutics, blockchain/crypto, and small-cap IPO.

Dennis is a respected thought leader in investment banking and has been invited to speak at 75+ conferences worldwide. He has helped many companies in their fundraising and IPO.

Dennis is a philanthropist helping many charitable causes and community organisations.


Faralynn Leow

Ms Faralynn Leow is the Director of Apex Business Club, an investor and IPO candidate fraternity, responsible for investor and issuer relationships. Her mandate is to deploy her telecommunications expertise to provide Apex Business Club members with online offshore banking, debit/credit virtual cards, e-wallets, and online SBLC application.

Faralynn has more than 35 years marketing expertise and experience in information and telecommunications working her way from key account sales, marketing communications, corporate affairs, stakeholder relationship management, alliance directorate in Asia-Pacific.

She has working experience at MNC like Motorola, HP, 3M, BT, Pacific, Telcordia, M1, Starhub, Singapore Post, Subaru, Pubblicitta, Asia Unicorn and Raffles Financial Group.

Faralynn is a fast-learner and has deployed her experience into the capital markets helping firms seeking public listing and fundraising. Her brand management and corporate affairs background provides guidance to firms not familiar with corporate governance requirements.


Charles Cheong

Charles is a banking veteran with 34+ years of deep technology and finance experience and expertise in Asian fintech, green energy, decarbonisation, generative AI and food security. He worked for Citibank Asia Pacific Consumer Banking, Corporate & Private Banking, Banking Technology Group, VistaJet, Capital Aviation and SAS Institute.

He is the private advisor to many ultra high-networth individuals, Royal Families and family offices providing them with investment due diligence, evaluation, risk and exit strategies.

His interests cover decision analytics & management, aviation & shipping finance, banking mission-critical technologies, fund & family-office management, corporate finance and strategy advisory.

Charles is the director of Apex Digital responsible for the Raffles Portfolios VCC "Carbon Credit Investment Fund" strategy.